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Due to extreme poverty, 70 million children all over the world do not have access to education. Lack of education will keep these individuals in the same dire situation, continuing a cycle of poverty generation after generation. Further, every year, approximately 7 million children around the world die as a direct result of destitution or circumstances that are connected to poverty.

Enceed Ltd. (registered in the UK, company number 08976999) was born of the idea that we can all make a difference to end extreme poverty. We believe that the answer to this global problem is education.

The annual sum required to bring about an end to extreme poverty is around $60 billion. Although this figure may seem immense, it can easily be raised if 1000 of the world’s largest companies donated just 1% of their annual profits. While some companies do make very generous donations, a great deal more is needed to make a significant impact.

We are developing a business where at least 50% of our annual profits will be donated to charities whose primary concern is the welfare of helpless children and the eradication of poverty.

Together with commendable volunteers, individuals, and organisations that are already making invaluable contributions, we believe that eliminating extreme poverty is an attainable goal. On our journey, we also hope to inspire more businesses to follow suit and truly make a difference.

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